Providing a quality soccer program to the youth of Northeastern Connecticut

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What does it cost to play?
The fee structure for all age levels is $50 per child.  It is our desire to include all children that would like to play soccer, at any level or ability into our program. If you have financial constraints, please know that it is a policy of the NECONN Soccer Club to help families that need assistance with program fees.  We will require that you provide some type of service to the club.

Please contact us using the form on the Feedback page.

All inquiries will be kept confidential.

What are the ages of kids that can play?
There are two (2) seasons per year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  We offer five levels of soccer in the fall and six in the spring.  The U18 level is only available in the spring season. 

Micro                     born in 2013 or 2012

Pee Wee                born in 2011 or 2010

Junior                    born in 2009 or 2008

Intermediate          born in 2007 or 2006

Senior                   born in 2005, 2004 or after

                                            August 1, 2003

I am interested in coaching/assisting, what do I need to do? Do I need a license?
 All you need to coach is your enthusiasm and a willingness to volunteer!! Although some of our coaches have a soccer background, there is no formal training or licensing is required.  When the opportunity arises, we do try to provide training or coaching clinics.  There is also, of course, the invaluable ability to learn from each other.  Anyone interested in coaching or volunteering in any way with the children must register on line.  All coaches and volunteers will also be subject to a criminal background check through the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association ("CJSA").

What time of year do we play?
Neconn plays two eight (8) game seasons each year, one in the spring and the other in the fall, with practices allowed to begin two (2) weeks before the first games.  Therefore, including practices, the spring season usually begins about the second week of April and ends around the 3rd Saturday of June (no games during Memorial Day weekend).  The fall season usually begins about the last week of August and ends on the first Saturday in November (no games during Columbus Day weekend).

What do I need to register my child?
The online process only takes a few minutes.  All parents whose children will be participating in NECONN Soccer must register themselves and their children to be eligible. This includes all recreational and travel registrations.

 Additionally anyone who will be coaching, managing or officiating games for the Club must also register in the adult category.

  • All players in Eastford, Pomfret, Putnam, Thompson and Woodstock will be registered through NECONN. 
  • Age Groups: are determined based on the age of the child on August 1st as mandated by the US Youth Soccer Association.
  • Online Registrations: can be submitted online by a parent or legal guardian, providing they have a valid email address.  Register online by clicking here.
  • New Players: parents are required to provide a copy of a birth certificate for first time players when registering in person or mail in a copy of the new player's birth certificate if registering by mail or online. You may also scan the birth certificate and send via email.
  • Registrations are not accepted until all fees have been paid and birth certificates for new players are checked.
  • Once rosters are set, players will hear from their coach approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the season for the recreational leagues.

What Equipment/Clothing Does My Child Need to Practice and Play?
Shin guards are mandatory for every child during every practice and game.  No parts of any equipment, footwear or clothing may not contain any metal or sharp objects.  Although soccer cleats are not mandatory, THEY ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.   The grass can often be wet and slippery, especially during morning games, and some age groups will play and practice in inclement weather.  For clothing, anything seasonably appropriate that you do not mind your child getting a little dirty or grass stained will do.  A Neconn game jersey will be provided as part of your registration fee, and each coach is provided with enough soccer balls for each child to have their own during practice sessions. 

What size soccer ball does my child need?
 Soccer ball sizes depends upon the age of child.  Below is a chart to help guide you by grade.

Size 3

Pre-K to 2nd Grade

Size 4

3rd Grade to 5th Grade

Size 5

6th Grade to Adult

What, if any, equipment or clothing is prohibited?
No metal, sharp objects or studs of any kind may be worn on the body, clothing or shoes.  The rules of soccer also generally prohibit the wearing of accessories, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.  Exceptions can be made for appropriate medical ID bracelets and the like, HOWEVER, game officials have absolute discretion to require any player to remove any object that the official, in their sole discretion, believes may create a safety hazard.

What time are practices, how many times a week, and what nights?
Teams will generally practice twice per week for approximately 1 hour, give or take.  Although times may vary per coach, the majority begin practice at 5:30pm.  Since all coaches are volunteers with varying personal schedules, however, the times and days of the week are left up to the individual coach.

Is my child covered by insurance in case of injury?
Neconn does have medical insurance through its affiliation with the CJSA that covers any properly registered participant who suffers an injury during a Neconn activity.  Under our policy, any private or State medical coverage you have will be considered primary, so claims must be submitted through that insurance coverage first.

My child is an exceptional soccer player, can s/he move up to an older age group?
Any request to have a player "play up" from their normal age group (i.e., a 7 year old playing in the U10 division with 8 and 9 year olds) needs to be presented to the Board.  Members of the Board must then make contact with the child's past and/or present coach to get their assessment of the player's skills, will review past player assessments AND one or more members of the Board must also directly observe the player in a game or practice situation.  The entire Board will then address the matter and approve or deny the request based on the overall best interests of the player, his/her overall soccer skill level, age, size and maturity. 


(Updated 3/21/2016)