Providing a quality soccer program to the youth of Northeastern Connecticut

Sponsored By:   Cargill Chevrolet
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All U10 matches will be played at Owen Tarr Field in Putnam

Match times will be on Friday evenings at 5pm and 6pm

POB - Laurence Hale 860-377-7258 ;TB1-David Akana 860-234-6867, TB2-Jason Minarik 860-617-2869;

WB1-Craig  WB2-Alimandi  WB3-Rudman

POG-Lindsey Verraneault 860-377-3346  ;PUG- Beth Morrison; TG1- Chris Keefe 860-420-8064, TG2-Stephanie Anthony 860-753-0337;

WG1-Morse  WG2-Lundt

U10   OWEN TARR FIELDS - PUTNAM                                      Except for 5/1 and 5/8
    4/24/2015 5PM 6:15PM
  Field 1   WB3-WB2 POG-PUG
WEEK1 Field 2   WB1-TB1 TG1-WG1
  Field 3   TB2-POB TG2-WG2
    5/1/2015 5PM 6:15PM
  Field 1 Rawson  WB3-TB2 POG-TG2
WEEK2 Field 2 Rawson WB1-POB TB1-WB2
  Field 3 Rawson TG1-WG2 WG1-PUG
    5/8/2015 5PM 6:15PM
  Field 1 Rawson WB3-POB POG-WG2
WEEK3 Field 2 Rawson WB1-WB2 TB1-TB2
  Field 3 Rawson TG1-PUG WG1-TG2
    5/15/2015 5PM 6:15PM
  Field 1   TG1-TG2 POG-WG1
WEEK4 Field 2   WB1-TB2 WB3-TB1
  Field 3   WB2-POB PUG-WG2
    5/29/2015 5PM 6:15PM
  Field 1   WB3-WB1 TB1-POB
WEEK5 Field 2   POG-TG1 WG1-WG2
  Field 3   WB2-TB2 PUG-TG2
      5PM 6:15PM
  Field 1 6/5/2015 WB3-WB2 POG-PUG
WEEK6 Field 2   TG1-WG1 WB1-TB1
  Field 3   TB2-POB TG2-WG2
      5PM 6:15PM
  Field 1 6/12/2015 WB3-TB2 POG-TG2
WEEK7 Field 2   WB1-POB TB1-WB2
  Field 3   TG1-WG2 WG1-PUG
    6/19/2015 5PM 6:15PM
  Field 1   WB3-POB POG-WG2
WEEK8 Field 2   WB1-WB2 TB1-TB2
  Field 3   TG1-PUG WG1-TG2