Providing a quality soccer program to the youth of Northeastern Connecticut

Sponsored By:   Cargill Chevrolet
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Home Neconn matches will usually be played at the Rawson Field in Putnam.  (One match will be played at Pomfret Rec Field and one match will be played at Owen Bell in Killingly.)


N1 - Nick Briere;   N2 - Kirsten Rigney;   N3 - Chris & Diane Keefe;   

N4 - Miguel Ferreira

U15 Brooklyn 12:30 Canterbury 12:30 Neconn  12:30 (Rawson) Neconn 12:30 (Owen Bell/Pomfret Rec) Plainfield 12:30
27-Apr BR-PL1   N2-N3 N1-N4 (Pomfret Rec) PL2-CA
4-May   CA-BR N1-N3 N4-PL2 (Owen  Bell) PL1-N2
11-May BR-N4 CA-N2 N3-PL2   PL1-N1
18-May BR-N3 CA-N1 N2-N4   PL1-PL2
1-Jun BR-N2 CA-PL1 N4-N3   PL2-N1
8-Jun BR-PL2 CA-N3 N1-N2   PL1-N4
15-Jun BR-N1 CA-N4 N3-PL1   PL2-N2
  Team Town Field   rev. 4.17.19
  BR Brooklyn Prince Hill Field    
  CA Canterbury Manship Park    
  N1/N2/N3/N4 Neconn Rawson OR Owen Bell    
  PL1/PL2 Plainfield Shepherd Hill Elem