Providing a quality soccer program to the youth of Northeastern Connecticut

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What is competitive Soccer?



Item No. 1: What is Competitive Soccer all about?

Competitive Soccer is the vehicle used for the transition from recreational play to a higher level of competition. NECONN belongs to CJSA, The Connecticut Junior Soccer Association, which is comprised, of individual clubs throughout the state. We play our games with other clubs who belong to the NED, Northeast District. Each club in the district may compete in a Fall and Spring league by entering teams of various age groups. CJSA divides the teams by age group and sex. The age groups are as follows, U-1O's, U-11’s, U-12's, U-13’s, U-14's, U-16's & U-18's ( the last 2 age groups only play in the Spring and only if enough players are available). Teams play about 8 games in the Fall & Spring, 4 home and 4 away games.Teams may also attend tournaments and enter into the Connecticut Cup competition.

Item No. 2: Are there any special rules?

•  Must tryout and make team every year.

•  Only assigned to a team for 1-year period


Item No. 3: What is expected of each Player in terms of Commitment?

Each player is expected to play both the fall and spring seasons. In comp each team has 2 practices per week and the player is expected to be in attendance as much as possible. Unlike recreational play, if a player continues to miss practice his or her training will suffer, which in- turn effects the team. If a player is doing multiple sports at the same time, comp soccer should not get second billing, every effort should be made to treat each sport equally. Attendance is required unless a previous commitment makes this impossible. Playing on a comp team should be considered a privilege and not a right. Each player represents NECONN and should conduct him or herself properly. Improper behavior to teammates, coaches, parents, officials or opposing teams is cause for removal from the team.

Item No. 4: What is expected of the parents?

Team parents are expected to be the positive reinforcement behind the children. Every effort should be made to get the child to practice and to games when possible. Comp teams bond together quickly and many players carpool to make transportation easier for all parties. Parents are expected to follow the code of conduct which is given out to all parents and properly abide by these rules. NECONN has adopted a Zero Tolerance policy in the officiating of games and improper behavior will effect the team. Each parent is expected to applaud the efforts of ALL CHILDREN on the field. Win or lose when a child gives his or her best effort that is all anyone can ask, they should always hold their heads high and be proud, and parental approval is what they seek for their efforts.


Item No. 5: What is the basic tryout rules for coaches and players?

Players are selected based on evaluations. Players are rated in tryouts, game play and coach ratings. At this time NECONN is using the single age group method to select teams in a given age group. If there are not enough players to form a team at an age group, the player may play at the next age group. Coach selection is based upon submitting an application and rating on a point system.