Providing a quality soccer program to the youth of Northeastern Connecticut

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The purpose of the recreational program is to provide a developmental structure for children to learn the game of soccer. The age-appropriate progression from Micros to Super-Seniors is designed to allow children to become knowledgeable and as skillful as their potential warrants.


All players will be registered to the club. Once the NECONN Registration has been filled and signed by a Parent or guardian, a copy of the birth certificate presented, and the registration fee paid, the player will be deemed registered. (CJSA Rule 2311-2314)


Once a player has been registered, he/she will be placed on a team appropriate for the age group. Players will first be placed representing his respective town or seconday choice. 


The number of players per team is always determined by both the number of players and the number of coaches available at each particular age level. We always try to avoid teams, which are too small or too large as each situation creates difficulties for the coaches. For this reason, a player may be placed on a team other than the one they choose.




U8 - Pee Wee revision april 2017.docx

U10 - Juniors rules revised 32408.doc

U12 - Intermediates 9v9 rules revised 4062017.docx

U14 - Seniors   11 v 11 rules 11v11 rules revised 4052013.docx

U14 - Seniors 6 v 6 rules 6v6 rules revised 32408.doc