Providing a quality soccer program to the youth of Northeastern Connecticut

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Please help us, the online process only takes a few minutes.
***All parents whose children will be participating in NECONN Soccer must register themselves and their children here to be eligible. This includes all recreational and travel registrations.
 Additionally anyone who will be coaching, managing or officiating games for the Club must also register in the adult category.***

Registration Process

  • All players in Eastford, Putnam, Pomfret, Thompson and Woodstock will be registered through NECONN. 
  • Age Groups: are determined based on the age of the child on August 1st as mandated by the US Youth Soccer Association.
  • Online Registrations: can be submitted online by a parent or legal gaurdian, providing they have a valid email address.  Register online by clicking here.
  • New Players: parents are required to provide a copy of  a birth certificate for first time players when registering in person or mail in a copy of the new player's birth certificate if registering by mail or online. You may also scan the birth certificate and send via email.
  • Registrations are not accepted until all fees have been paid and birth certificates for new players are checked.
  • Once rosters are set, players will hear from their coach approximately 2 weeks  prior to the start of the season for the recreational leagues.