Providing a quality soccer program to the youth of Northeastern Connecticut

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Welcome to the new home of the NECONN Soccer Club.

We are extremely excited about our new website. Here’s what it offers, and how it works.


Using this Web Site
At the very top of the page you see tabs: Association, Team, Parents, Coaches and Admin. After you click one of these tabs, the menu on the left edge of the page changes to show the options available for that tab.

You are already on the Association page when you arrive at the home page.  The left-edge menu options for the Association tab give access to general information that applies to all the members.

This is where you'll be able to view the schedule, roster, and bulletins for your specific team.  Use the drop down menus at the top to find your team.  Use the "league" drop down to choose where your team or group belongs.  Use the "team" drop down to choose the team you are on. 

The left edge menu options for the Team tab give you a variety of ways to look at your team's schedule.  If you click "Schedule" it will list each practice and game, in a day by day tabular fashion.  click"Calendar" if you would rather view the schedule in a calendar form.  The "results" option shows results for games that have already occurred, but only if your coach or team manager enters the results.

The "Multi-Schedule" feature allows you to see the schedule for several teams at once which is great for parents who have children playing on different teams.




The Admin Tab is used only by the Webmaster, coaches and team managers.  It is password protected






In the Fall of 2007, we began to offer Online Registration. During the signup period, you will see a "Register Online" button on the left menu bar. Go there to sign up one or more players securely using Visa or MasterCard. You must first register as a parent and receive a password for this website. For Existing Members: 

You'll then need to go through the following steps:

For New Members Registrations:

Register on the NECONN Soccer Club website by entering your email address.  You'll receive an email message with your password that allows you to logon and complete the registration process.

  1. You'll then need to add your family members to your account.  Starting with the parents, you'll add your contact information.  After you've added the parents, you'll need to add your son(s) to the site.
  2. After you've added your child(ren), there will be a button to the left of your child's name showing what program he is allowed to register for based on his birthdate.
  3. Complete the online registration.  Payment is required to complete registration.


   1.   Go to the "Register Online" tab on the left of the home page.  You will need your password from last year.  If you have forgotten, type in your email address and a new password will be automatically sent to your email address.  Please check you junk/bulk/spam folders if you do not receive  the new password.  Enter the site, choose league, confim existing information on your son,  and make payment.





Nothing this site offers is more important than schedules and directions.


Start on the home page by clicking the “Team” tab at the top. On the next page, use the drop-down menus to find the right season (Example “Fall 2007”), the right Age Group for your child (e.g. “Micros” or “U-12 Girls”), and then on the right side drop-down list, find the specific team. Once there, you can click on “Schedule” on the left navigation bar to find your team’s schedule for the season.


Click the + sign next to each game to see more information, including directions to the field.


From that page you can also print or download the season schedule, or information and directions to individual games.


Printable directions to fields are additionally available from the home page by clicking the “Fields” button on the left nav bar. And please, if you find any of these directions contain errors, let us know by clicking the “Feedback” button on the home page. We’ll fix it. Or if we get enough volunteers, we will move the field so it matches our directions.




Individual team pages also have contact information for every team’s coach, while on the home page, the “Contacts” button on the left nav bar tells you how to get in touch – by phone or email -- with NECONN Soccer Club board members, coordinators, coaches, and others.






Most of the ways you can volunteer to help the NECONN Soccer Club, and your child, do not require any soccer knowledge. It's true. So there are no excuses. Well at least not that one. Please go to our Volunteer! page to learn how you can help and make our Club strong.




It’s raining. It's cold. Do I really have to play today? To find out, check the site’s home page. The scrolling message across the top may let you know -- as soon as it is possible to know -- if local fields are closed or if travel games have been cancelled. Please understand that it may not be possible to know if games are on or off until an hour before game time. This is frustrating for parents, coaches, and the club alike. Honest.


On the home page you'll even see what's happening with the local weather, with a link to a 5-day forecast. Sorry, but we don't cancel practices based on the 5-day forecast, as much as our kids might like that.




Our site is the place to go to find out everything from tryout schedules to board meetings to game results. If our travel teams are in tournaments, if we're running special programs, contests or clinics – whatever the club is doing -- we’ll try to post it here as early as we can.




Coaches (and parents and players) can click on the "Skills and Drills" tab at the top of the site to learn where they can print out drills and entire practice plans for their teams.


We’ve also tried to make it easier for coaches by allowing them to view their rosters and team contact information online. Coaches who go to their team pages can click "Roster" and enter their individual team password given to them by their league coordinator. If you’ve forgotten your password, click the “Feedback” button and let us know.


Coaches can also send emails to their entire team from the site, and post messages and news items to and about their teams.




The web site will continually be adding action photos and team pictures throughout the soccer season. Just click “Pictures” from the home page to view some of our kids in action.




Click the “Links” tab on the home page to view a list of sites we think will be helpful and/or interesting, from other town’s club sites to web sites that offer soccer tips and drills. We'll be constantly adding to this as well.




Little may you realize how important sponsors are to your child's soccer experience. Companies and individuals that sponsor the NECONN Soccer Club make it possible for the club to keep the fields and equipment in shape, run seminars for coaches, and hire professional soccer trainers to come in each week and teach your young players.


If you’re a parent, please support them by clicking the “Sponsors” page and giving them your business. If you’re an area businessperson, please consider becoming a sponsor, for which, among other things, you’ll get an ad on our web site and, hopefully, the custom of some grateful parents.


Click the "Be a Sponsor" tab for more information.



Clicking the "Exchange" link on the navigation bar, or on the right-hand side of the home page, takes you to an area where you can post items you want to swap, items you're looking for, or things you've lost or found at one of the fields. Got a pair of size 4 cleats your child has grown out of? Found a soccer ball and are nice enough to to want to get it to the right player, this is the place. 




If you have questions, comments, suggestions or, well, “issues” about anything regarding the NECONN Soccer Club, please let us know by clicking the “Feedback” tab on the home page.


Seriously. We want to hear from you. After all, NECONN is a volunteer organization made up of parents just like you. (Okay, possibly slightly more obsessive than you, but you get the point.)